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White Lotus Candle Co.


White Lotus Candle Co. is a home-grown business based in Hampshire. 

The White Lotus flower symbolizes purity of both the mind and soul. All of our Candles and fragrance products are created with the goal to deliver excellence and purity inspired by our muse - the White Lotus flower. Lotus flowers, in many cultures, are associated with beauty and prosperity, and are often linked with their mighty Gods. 

All of our candles at White Lotus Candle Co. are hand crafted and made from 100% Eco Soy Wax. All of our candles have 'Ribbon' wicks. A unique wick which people name "The Dancing Flame". A Ribbon Wick's movement gives the best scent throw possible for a candle and ensuring a great fragrant delivery once burning. The fragrance oils we use are of the best quality possible ensuring they are Eco-friendly. All of our packaging and produce is recyclable and we positively encourage up-cycling our glasses and bottles. 

All of our Candles are Vegan friendly. We are currently working on being able to provide Home Fragrance products that are also Vegan friendly.

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